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Exploring Loss and Healing
By Judith Saltman
Published in Canada Reads. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 193 (Summer 2007): 152-153.
  • Mr. Hiroshi's Garden by Maxine Trottier and Paul Morin (Illustrator)
  • Secret of the Dance by Andrea Spalding, Alfred Scow and Darlene Gait (Illustrator)
  • The Birdman by Veronika Martenova Charles, Annouchka Gravel Galouchko (Illustrator) and Stéphan Daigle (Illustrator)
Canadian Picture Books
By Judith Saltman
Published in Canadian Literature 216 (Spring 2013): 146-47.
  • Sindbad: From the Tales of the Thousand and One Nights by Ludmila Zeman
  • Seal Song by Andrea Spalding and Pascal Milelli (Illustrator)
  • Josepha: A Prairie Boy’s Story by Jim McGugan and Murray Kimber (Illustrator)
  • Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog by Tim Beiser and Rachel Berman (Illustrator)

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