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Two Ancients Among the Moderns
By Louis Dudek
Published in Canadian Literature 2 (Autumn 1959): 77-79.
  • The Wayward Queen by George Walton
  • Descent From Eden by Fred Cogswell
Trouncing the Younger Poets
By Louis Dudek
Published in Views of Leonard Cohen. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 34 (Autumn 1967): 80-84.
  • During Rain, I Plant Chrysanthemums by Lakshmi (Myrna) Gill (Author)
  • The Silver Wire by George Bowering
  • The Scarred Hull by Frank Davey
A Search for Roots
By Louis Dudek
Published in Canadian Literature 7 (Winter 1961): 76-78.
  • Fuseli Poems by Eli Mandel
  • Once & Some Words Between the Minutes by Peter Byrne

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Zembla's Rocks
By Louis Dudek
Reviewed in Counterpoint by Alexander Kizuk
A Real Good Goosin'
By Louis Dudek and Véhicule Poets
Reviewed in Redeeming Reality by Michael E. Darling