Lucia Cedeira Serantes

Dr. Lucia Cedeira Serantes works as an Assistant Professor (LDI) at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario (Canada). Her research focus resides in the interplay between identity, media, and social structures to study the complexity of the everyday practice of reading for pleasure. She has presented her research in library-focus and interdisciplinary conferences and has provided chapter contributions about comics and reading to the 2nd edition of Transforming Young Adult Services (2019), Reading Still Matters (2018), and Young People Reading: Empirical Research Across International Contexts (2018). She published the book entitled Young People, Comics, and Reading: Exploring a Complex Reading Experience, based on her doctoral work, a project that was awarded the John A. Lent Scholarship in Comics Studies (International Comics Arts Forum). She has presented in library-focus and interdisciplinary conferences as well as contributed to talks and workshops at the Toronto Comics Arts Festival and New York Comic Con. In 2020 she wrapped an ALA-funded project entitled SEEniors: Visual representations of older age in illustrated materials, hosted at in collaboration with Dr. Nicole Dalmer.