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Connect the Strands
By Monique Tschofen
Published in Canadian Literature 206 (Autumn 2010): 195-196.
  • Atom Egoyan by Emma Wilson
Stars and Songs
By Monique Tschofen
Published in Canadian Literature 188 (Spring 2006): 145-146.
  • Once Upon a Time in Paradise: Canadians in the Golden Age of Hollywood by Charles Foster
  • The American Musical: History & Development by Peter H. Riddle
Film Monsters
By Wyndham Wise, William Beard and Monique Tschofen
Published in Literature & War. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 179 (Winter 2003): 113-115.
  • Take One's Essential Guide to Canadian Film by Wyndham Wise
  • The Artist as Monster by William Beard

Book Reviews of Monique Tschofen's Works

Image and Territory: Essays on Atom Egoyan
By Jennifer Burwell, Mark Harris and Monique Tschofen
Reviewed in Egoyan As Auteur by Mark Harris