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By Nicole Brossard
Reviewed in Mind and Body by Myra Bloom
White Piano
By Nicole Brossard, Erín Mouré and Robert Majzels
Reviewed in Between Light and Time by Ryan Fitzpatrick
Notebook of Roses and Civilization
By Nicole Brossard, Robert Majzels and Erín Mouré
Reviewed in Three Men and a Feminist by Emily Carr
Fluid Arguments
By Nicole Brossard, Susan Rudy and Ann-Marie Wheeler
Reviewed in Overheard in Dreams by Jes Battis
Yesterday, at the Hotel Clarendon
By Nicole Brossard and Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood
Reviewed in This Yesterday of Today by Susan Rudy
Anthologie de la poésie des femmes au Québec
By Nicole Brossard and Lisette Girouard
Reviewed in Found Again by Jane Tilley
By Nicole Brossard
Reviewed in Installations by Neil B. Bishop
La Théorie, un dimanche
By Louky Bersianik, Nicole Brossard, Louise Cotnoir, Louise Dupré, Gail Scott and France Théoret
Reviewed in Ambiguities by Luise Von Flotow
By Nicole Brossard and Barbara Thomson Godard
Reviewed in Brossard by Louise H. Forsyth
These Our Mothers or: The Disintegrating Chapter
By Nicole Brossard and Barbara Thomson Godard
Reviewed in The Elusive Source Text by Evelyne Voldeng