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Two Books from Quebec
By Peter R. Babiak
Published in Context(e)s. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 195 (Winter 2007): 132-134.
  • A Good Death by Gil Courtemanche (Author) and Wayne Grady (Translator)
  • Short Stuff: New English Stories from Quebec by Claude Lalumière (Editor)
Liberalism & the Question of Nation
By Peter R. Babiak
Published in Canadian Literature 173 (Summer 2002): 121-124.
  • A Question of Values: New Canadian Perspectives in Ethics and Political Philosophy by Samantha Brennan (Editor), Tracy McIsaacs (Editor) and Michael Milde (Editor)
  • Dismantling a Nation: Canada and the New World Order by Stephen McBride and John Shields
  • Impossible Nation: The Longing for Homeland in Canada and Quebec by Ray Conlogue
  • Reinventing Canada/ Reinventer le Canada by Jeffrey Simpson