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Voice Problems
By Reginald Berry
Published in Contemporary Drama. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 118 (Autumn 1988): 147-150.
  • Wallace Stevens: The Poetics of Modernism by Albert Gelpi
  • The Dance of the Intellect: Studies in the Poetry of the Pound Tradition by Marjorie Perloff
  • The Poem as Utterance by R. A. York
  • The Revels by Robert Billings
  • Heat Lightning by Robert Hogg
  • The Night the Dog Smiled by John Newlove
Natural & Unnatural
By Reginald Berry
Published in B.C. Writers / Reviews Issue. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 102 (Autumn 1984): 136-138.
  • The Beauty of the Weapons: Selected Poems by Robert Bringhurst
  • A Throw of Particles: The New and Selected Poetry of D. G. Jones by D. G. Jones
  • Winter Sun / The Dumbfounding: Poems 1940-66 by Margaret Avison
  • A Wild Peculiar Joy: Selected Poems 1945-82 by Irving Layton (Author)
  • Mostly Coast People: Selected Verse by Hubert Evans