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Textual (De)colonizations
By Renate Eigenbrod
  • First Person Plural by Sophie McCall
The Need for Stories
By Renate Eigenbrod
Published in South Asian Diaspora. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 190 (Autumn 2006): 88-90.
  • Suddenly They Heard Footsteps: Storytelling for the Twenty-First Century by Dan Yashinsky
  • Our Story: Aboriginal Voices On Canada’s Past by Tantoo Cardinal, Lee Maracle and Tomson Highway
Kinetic Creations
By Renate Eigenbrod
Published in Canadian Literature 180 (Spring 2004): 166-167.
  • Human Bodies: New and Collected Poems 1987-1999 by Marilyn Bowering
  • What the Small Day Cannot Hold by Susan Musgrave

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