Sarah Dowling

Sarah Dowling is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Comparative Literature and Victoria College at the University of Toronto. A literary critic as well as a poet, Sarah is the author of Translingual Poetics: Writing Personhood under Settler Colonialism, as well as Entering Sappho, DOWN, and Security Posture.

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Bodies and Languages
By Sarah Dowling
Published in 60th Anniversary Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 239 (2019): 131-132.
  • Hymnswitch by Ali Blythe
  • Holy Wild by Gwen Benaway
  • For the Changing Moon: Poems and Songs by Anna Marie Sewell
Passionate Ellipsis
By Sarah Dowling
  • Fieldnotes, a Forensic by Kate Eichhorn
  • Recipes from the Red Planet by Meredith Quartermain (Author)

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