Sharon Berg

Sharon is the host of CADENCE, a fresh author series held at Coffee Lodge (Exmouth St.) in Sarnia. She has a BA in Native Studies (Laurentian, 1991); BEd (OISE/U of T 1992); Magazine Journalism (Ryerson 1994); an MEd (York 1998); and DEd (UBC 2001). She worked as an elementary school teacher from 2002 until she retired in March 2016. Sharon is the editor, founder, and webmaster for Big Pond Rumours, an international literary e-zine (2006 to present) which releases in the summer and winter. She is currently rewriting her 1998 MEd thesis on Wandering Spirit Survival School in order to make it available to popular audiences. She is also working on a book-length manuscript about the founding of Wandering Spirit Survival School called The Name Unspoken.


Book Reviews of Sharon Berg's Works

The Body Labyrinth
By Sharon Berg
Reviewed in Riddles & Passions by Rod Anderson