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An “Epic” Fail?
By Tracy Whalen
Published in web format on Canadian Literature‘s website. (Pending print publication.)
  • The Quest for a “National” Nationalism: E.J. Pratt’s Epic Ambition, “Race” Consciousness, and the Contradictions of Canadian Identity by George Elliott Clarke
Parallel Stories
By Tracy Whalen
Published in Emerging Scholars, Redux Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 242 (2020): 160-162.
  • Land Beyond the Sea by Kevin Major
  • Parallel Universe: The Poetries of New Brunswick (Literary Criticism Monograph: number seven) by Sue Sinclair (Editor) and Shane Neilson (Editor)
  • Most of What Follows is True: Places Imagined and Real by Michael Crummey
Covering Geometries
By Tracy Whalen
Published in Canadian Literature 191 (Winter 2006): 143-145.
  • Biting the Error: Writers Explore Narrative by Mary Burger (Editor), Robert GlüŒck (Editor), Camille Roy (Editor) and Gail Scott (Editor)
  • Mental Hygiene: Essays on Writers and Writing by Ray Robertson
Writing with a Tension
By Tracy Whalen
Published in Littérature francophone hors-Québec / Francophone Writing Outside Quebec. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 187 (Winter 2005): 121-122.
  • Setting in the East: Maritime Realist Fiction by David Creelman
  • Victory Meat: New Atlantic Canadian Fiction by Lynne Coady
  • An Orange from Portugal: Christmas Stories from the Maritimes and Newfoundland by Anne Simpson