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Toxic Colonialism
By Warren Cariou
Published in Concepts of Vancouver: Poetics, Art, Media Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 235 (Winter 2017): 183-185.
  • Everyday Exposure: Indigenous Mobilization and Environmental Justice in Canada’s Chemical Valley by Sarah Marie Wiebe
Hybrid Imaginings
By Warren Cariou
Published in First Nations Writing. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 167 (Winter 2000): 141-144.
  • Thunder Through My Veins: Memories of a Métis Childhood by Gregory Scofield
  • I Knew Two Métis Women: The Lives of Dorothy Scofield and Georgina Houle Young by Gregory Scofield
  • Red Blood: One (Mostly) White Guy's Encounters with the Native World by Robert Hunter
  • The Visions and Revelations of St. Louis the Métis by David Day (Editor)

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