Detective Fiction (p. 40-44)

Boys in the Box (p. 48-59)

Les Téléromans (p. 62-64)

The Real Mr. Canada (p. 68-78)

Canadian Magazines (p. 94-103)

Chanter est un pays (p. 106-114)


The Unicorn (p. 13-14)
Sodality (p. 38-38)
Victoria (p. 45-46)
Arthritis (p. 46-47)
The Runners (p. 66-67)
One Day (p. 92-92)
Sociology (p. 104-104)
The Man (p. 143-143)

Book Reviews

Electronic Addition (p. 144-147)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Canadians by Andrew H. Malcolm

Quebec Pop (p. 147-149)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Le phénomène IXE-13 by Michele Lacombe
  • Les Aires de la Chanson Québécoise by Michele Lacombe

Two Dimension (p. 149-150)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Planiverse by A. K. Dewdney

Words Processing (p. 150-152)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Alchemist 9 by Richard M. O'Donnell

Inner Necessity (p. 152-155)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • THE SCREAM by Sherrill E. Grace

Three Movements (p. 155-156)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Daffodils in Winter by Joan Murray

Chafe and Jar (p. 157-159)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Poetry and Politics by Richard Jones
  • The Art of Darkness by David McFadden
  • Jubilee of Death by Raymond Souster

Displacement (p. 159-160)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Italia Perversa by Richard Appignanesi

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Different Drummers by Meredith Carey
  • Diggin Up the Mountains by Neil Bissoondath
  • When Women Rule by Austin Clarke

In Distress (p. 162-163)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Capital Tales by Brian Fawcett
  • chasing her own tail by Nora Keeling

Métis Heart (p. 164-166)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • April Raintree by Beatrice Culleton and Tara Cullis
  • Spirit of the White Bison by Henry Beissel and Beatrice Culleton

Conte & memoir (p. 166-169)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Fury by David Watmough
  • Selected Tales of Jacques Ferron by Jacques Ferron and Betty Bednarski

Hemingwayesque (p. 169-170)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Glass Mountain by S. L. Sparling

Women’s Voices (p. 170-173)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Out on the Plain by Frankie Finn
  • Penumbra by Susan Kerslake

Initiations (p. 173-175)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Cracked Wheat and Other Stories by Hugh Cook
  • Billy Botzweiler's Last Dance and Other Stories by Lesley Choyce

Psychological Drama (p. 175-177)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Poems New and Selected by Frederick Candelaria
  • The Grey Islands by John Steffler

Eclecticism (p. 177-179)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Stevensdaughter Poems by Jan Figurski
  • One Hundred Most Frightening Things by Jim Smith
  • The Blame Business by Robert Eady
  • The Man With Flowers Through His Hands by Michael Bullock
  • American Poetry Observed by Joe David Bellamy

Chinese Jars (p. 180-182)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • A Linen Crow, A Caftan Magpie by Patrick Lane
  • The Terracotta Army by Gary Geddes

Haïkus et lettres (p. 182-185)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Haiku by Andre Duchaime and Dorothy Hayward
  • Lettres d'une autre by Lise Gauvin

Magic Maestro (p. 185-185)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Magic Trumpet by Victor Cowie and Victor Davies

Three Plays (p. 186-188)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • New Canadian Drama 3 by Denis Salter

First Stage (p. 189-190)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Robertson Davies, Playwright by Susan Stone-Blackburn

Comic Ghosts (p. 190-191)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • High Spirits by Robertson Davies

Untitled (p. 191-191)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Funk & Wagnall's Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend by Maria Leach