Singing with the Frogs (p. 114-134)

Poetic Karma (p. 156-160)


For Anne (p. 89-90)
Flight (p. 112-112)
from Jobber (p. 136-138)
Be Safe (p. 154-155)
Keizan (p. 179-179)

Book Reviews

Various Alphabets (p. 180-181)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Prosody at the Cafe Du Coin by Jeff Bien
  • Counting to 100 by Alan R. Wilson
  • For Orchestra and Solo Poet by Emile Martel and D. G. Jones
  • America and Other Poems by Jeff Bien

Sports Writers (p. 181-183)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Thru the Smoky End Boards by Kevin Brooks and Sean Brooks
  • All I Thought About Was Baseball by John St James and William Humber

Le Noroît souffle (p. 183-184)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • L'issue, la résoance du désordre by Hélène Dorion
  • Tout au loin la lumière by Anne-Marie Alonzo

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Exiles Among You by Kristjana Gunnars
  • Clay Birds by Tonja Gunvaldsen Klaassen
  • Beyond My Keeping by Elizabeth Philips

The Works (p. 187-191)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Canadian Writers and Their Works: Poetry Series, Volume 11 by Ellen Quigley, Robert Lecker and Jack David
  • A Saving Grace by Lorna Crozier
  • Aurora by Sharon Thesen
  • Jerusalem, Beloved by Di Brandt

Time Capsule (p. 191-193)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Time Capsule by Pat Lowther

Visions Out Loud (p. 193-194)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Collapse #2 by John O'Brian, Judith Mastai and Hanif Jan Mohamad

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Outage by B. W. Powe
  • Cultural Mischief by Frank Davey
  • Random Access File by Roy Miki
  • How to Grow Your Own Lightbulbs by John Riddell
  • The Venetian's Wife by Nick Bantock

Sonatas of Memory (p. 197-200)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Close to Home by Raymond Souster
  • Taking the Gate by Stephen Scobie
  • After Paradise by Janis Rapoport
  • White Linen Remembered by Marya Fiamengo
  • Year Zero by Brian Henderson