Issue 248: Author Spotlight – Amanda Fayant

Amanda Fayant is a Cree/Métis/Saulteaux artist (BFA Film Production) and researcher MPhil (Indigenous Studies) based in Trondheim, Norway. Amanda is originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Treaty 4 land. Amanda’s art practice deals with the complexities of identity, exploring Indigenous feminisms and confronting the colonial history in Canada through various mediums.

Amanda’s research focuses on Indigenous research methodologies as well as exploring cultural knowledge production through an Indigenous feminist perspective. In addition to several group art shows in Canada, Trondheim, and Oslo, Amanda has also shared artistic and research work with ArtLeaks Gazette, the University of the Underground and is a member of the arts and sound focused group – AWNJS (All Women’s Networked Jam Session).

Amanda’s master thesis, “Thunderbird Women: Indigenous women reclaiming autonomy through stories of resistance” has been shared at several conferences and workshops. Amanda actively works as a guest speaker and moderator at schools, universities, art institutions and conferences.

Read her poems: “This is the poem you couldn’t write” and “After the 215 but knowing there were more . . .

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