Laura Potter, Canadian Literature Student Award Recipient (2006)


Between January and December 2006, I had the pleasure of working as editorial intern at Canadian Literature through the UBC Arts Co-operative Program. Delighted when I landed the job, I became further excited when I learned that I would also be the recipient of the CanLit Tuition Award which would contribute towards the part-time studies I was undertaking alongside my work at CL. The peace of mind that came with this award should not be underestimated, as it helped me avoid the financial worries too typical among my friends and fellow students.

At Canadian Literature I was immersed in the daily operations of the journal from day one. What made my time at CL so worthwhile was the faith that Managing Editor Donna Chin and Editor Laurie Ricou had in me from the start. Rather than filing and photocopying —the typical chores of new interns—immediately I found myself updating the website, ordering review books from publishers, and requesting reviews from academics. Sharing an office with Laurie meant having access to an unparalleled wealth of knowledge on Canadian literature. He was always patient with my many questions and continued to support my studies for the next two years both as my editor and my teacher. Now I am a publishing assistant for V&A Publishing in London, and grateful for the skills that I developed while at Canadian Literature. Whether editing copy, project-managing new titles, or interacting with authors, I draw upon my time at the journal every day. My time at CL also prepared me for the Canadian publishing industry to which I hope to return in a few years time.

I am very grateful to the Canadian Literature team for their commitment to me, both educationally and financially through the CanLit Tuition Award. Through their foresight and committed fund-raising efforts, I finished my degree with a wealth of knowledge and no debt. More students deserve the same opportunity and so I look forward to the continuation of this award in years to come.