New Issue: 253 — Poetics and Extraction 2

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature, issue 253. This special issue on Poetics and Extraction follows issue 251 on the same theme, guest edited by Melanie Dennis Unrau and Max Karpinski. For this issue, guest editor Max Karpinski writes in his editorial:

Across Turtle Island, this summer has felt like something different and unusual—or, perhaps, something intensified. After the smoke of early June, the first week of July was named the world’s hottest on record; in late July, ocean surface temperatures off the coast of Newfoundland approached ten degrees centigrade above normal; and still, out on the land, the fires continue and the smoke plumes grow. This issue of Canadian Literature, with its special section that extends the work and discussion begun in issue 251, the first special issue on Poetics and Extraction, has taken shape in the context of this summer’s fire season. From threats to life, livelihood, and community to the protracted fallout of smoke pollution, the wildfires crystallize the ways that risk is unevenly distributed in environmental crisis.

– Max Karpinski, “Poetics and Extraction 2

This issue also features:

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