New Issue: Agency & Affect #223 (Winter 2014)

cover223Canadian Literature’s Issue 223 (Winter 2014), Agency & Affect, is now available for order. Editor Margery Fee opens the issue with reflections on her teaching experiences and the necessity of studying literary pedagogy:

. . . It is . . . troubling that we don’t explain our primary critical strategies to our students. In Literary Learning: Teaching the English Major, Linkon argues that we are good at demonstrating our ability to work through interpretations in lectures and to guide class discussions about texts. Where we fall down, in her view, is explaining to students as we go through this process just how we arrived at our interpretation, which is usually presented to them as a finished, polished performance. This typical pedagogy fails to convey our method, what she calls strategic knowledge and what Laura Wilder calls “rhetorical process knowledge,” vital information if students are going to be able to succeed at tackling the interpretation of unfamiliar texts by themselves.


—Margery Fee, “Spies in the House of Literary Criticism

Agency & Affect also features articles by Ranbir K. Banwait, Paul Huebener, Lisa Marchi, Veronica Austen, Andrea Beverley, and Kerry Lappin-Fortin, as well as new Canadian poetry and book reviews.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy readings!