New Issue: Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation #227 (Winter 2015)

Canadian LiteraScreen Shot 2016-11-16 at 12.32.56 PMture’s Issue 227 (Winter 2015), Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation, is now available for order. Guest Editors Christopher Lee and Christine Kim introduce this special issue:

Extending Canadian Literature’s commitment to Asian Canadian studies, this special issue interrogates how national epistemes have become sedimented in the field itself, often in barely discernible ways. It is this self-reflexivity that we hope distinguishes Asian Canadian critique from the many cultural, activist, political, and institutional projects that have coalesced around this term. How would Asian Canadian critique look if we focused instead on transnational flows of labour, capital, and cultures as well as the logics of empire and processes of settler colonialisms? Historically, Asian Canadian communities were produced through migrations that took place in the shadow of British, American, and other empires. More recently, Asian Canadians have appeared as labourers, merchants, refugees, undocumented migrants, international students, and so on. These “racial forms” have repeatedly placed the Asian Canadian subject at the intersections of capital, empire, and nation.

—Christopher Lee and Christine Kim, “Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation”

Asian Canadian Critique Beyond the Nation features articles by Guy Beauregard, Donald Goellnicht, Helen Hok-Sze Leung, Malissa Phung, Jenny Heijun Wills, and Timothy Yu; a Forum curated by Christopher Lee and Christine Kim; Opinions and Notes by Nicholas Bradley; new poetry; and new book reviews.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!