New Issue: Decolonial (Re)Visions of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror #240

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature, Issue 240, Decolonial (Re)Visions of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Lou Cornum and Maureen Moynagh write in their guest editorial:

We are conscious of the ground shifting beneath our feet as we write of the relationship between capitalist/imperialist speculations and decolonial (re)visions of speculative fiction (sf). We, too, are writing into the future, aware that when this issue appears, the future might well look very different from the one we anticipate now on the basis of dystopian projections of longstanding settler-colonial deterritorializations, even as those projections allow for glimpses of a “utopian horizon” (Moylan xii). In addressing decolonial (re)visions of settler-colonial futures, we look to the texts and thinkers on the margins of the literary who in their estranged testament represent variably what made this crisis world possible and speculate on how the dispossessed might build a world from and of other possibilities.

– Lou Cornum and Maureen Moynagh, “Introduction: Decolonial (Re)Visions of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror”

This issue also features:

  • Articles by George Elliott Clarke, Miasol Eguíbar-Holgado, Moritz Ingwersen, Larissa Lai, Jody Mason, and Y-Dang Troeung and Phanuel Antwi.
  • Poetry by Lisa Arsenault, Barry Dempster, Dan MacIsaac, Lauren Nerfa, Rebecca Păpucaru, and Vivian Zenari.
  • Reviews by Alex Assaly, Veronica Austen, Gregory Betts, Alison Calder, Alessandra Capperdoni, Karen Charleson, Sijia Cheng, David Creelman, Margery Fee, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Lydia Forssander-Song, Sherrill Grace, Lisa Grekul, Weldon Hunter, Evangeline Holtz-Schramek, Crystal Hurdle, Jessica Janssen, Valerie Legge, Brandon McFarlane, Michael Minor, Shane Neilson, Stephen Ney, Claire Omhovère, Michael A. Peterman, Ian Rae, Laurie Ricou, Ralph Sarkonak, Jasmine Spencer, Dani Spinosa, Marianne A. Stenbaek, Neil Surkan, Julie Sutherland, Eleanor Ty, Emily Wall, and Brooke Xiang.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!