New Issue: Emerging Scholars 2 #228-229 (Spring/Summer 2016)

Canadian Literature’s Issue 228-229 (Spring/Summer 2016), Emerging Scholars 2, is now available for order. Editor Laura Moss introduces this issue:

In the pages of a journal whose name implies a cultural nationalist mandate, given the current political climate, it is important to consider what is done in the name of nationalism, to scrutinize exclusionary, and often dangerous, paradigms, and to think about what role Canadian writers and critics have had and continue to have in resistance, protest, and activism. How have they been killjoys?

—Laura Moss, “Notes from a CanLit Killjoy”

Emerging Scholars 2 features articles by Paul Barrett, Janie Beriault, Sharlee Cranston-Reimer, Jeff Fedoruk, Brenna Clarke Gray, Melissa Li Sheung Ying, Lucia Lorenzi, Jessica McDonald, Shane Neilson, Kate Siklosi, and Shaun A. Stevenson; new poetry; and new book reviews.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!