New Issue: Radio, Film, and Fiction #225 (Summer 2015)

cover225Canadian Literature’s Issue 225 (Summer 2015), Radio, Film, and Fiction, is now available for order. Laura Moss opens her inaugural issue as the sixth editor of Canadian Literature with her ambitions for the journal:

My vision is straightforward, albeit aspirational: publish important work on Canadian literature and culture; support the teaching of Canadian writing through the continued development of CanLit Guides; buoy multidisciplinarity; circulate criticism that counts; value literary history; pay attention to a diversity of voices and perspectives; read broadly and deeply; review equitably; imagine communities; think in planetary terms; honour the place we stand and the territories we are in; never be seared by the beauty of crocuses; take on ethical debates and issues of social justice; think intersectionally; continue to make connections across generations between scholars, readers, and writers; share knowledge; avoid siloes; fight fiercely for the humanities; care about the state of the profession; acknowledge precarity; nourish generosity; recognize originality; appreciate creativity; question generic expectations; welcome radical play; experiment with ideas; surprise people; enjoy intellectual arguments; slow down; remember that no language is neutral; harness the power of speech; stimulate conversation; speak with a loud voice; listen well; sustain interest; and be empowered by learning. In short, my goal is to ensure that the journal is vital to a wide readership.

—Laura Moss, “Canadian Literature 6.0”

Radio, Film, and Fiction also features articles by Anna Sajecki, Vikki Visvis, David Gaertner, Joel Deshaye, Marlene Goldman, Sarah Powell, and Kait Pinder, as well as new Canadian poetry and book reviews.

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy readings!