New Issue: Returns #243

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature, Issue 243, Returns. Christine Kim writes in her editorial:

[A] common investment in the past is a noteworthy coincidence and one that transforms this general issue into an unplanned but shared project of returns. I take these common interests, as articulated within this issue and also as they circulate more broadly within our readerly and critical communities, as a provocation to think about what drives such acts of return. I am interested in thinking through our desires to return to earlier moments and understanding what it is that each of us imagines we are doing to the past as well as for the present. Are we in need of fuller, more accurate depictions of history? Different aesthetic representations of the past? What are the principles that guide our interpretation of whether something is a better representation or more useful critique than those that preceded it? And how do the histories of fields, institutions, and places shape how we enact these returns now?

– Christine Kim, “In Return

This issue also features:

  • Articles by Melanie Dennis Unrau, Andrea Beverley, Margaret Steffler, Vikki Visvis, and Thomas Hodd
  • A forum on Smaro Kamboureli’s Scandalous Bodies by Paul Barrett, Myra Bloom, Smaro Kamboureli, Malissa Phung, Andrea A. Davis, Asha Varadharajan, Sarah Dowling, Kit Dobson, and Libe García Zarranz
  • Poetry by Beatrice Achampong, Andrew Faulkner, Jagjeet Sharma, John Reibetanz, Neil Surkan, and Clayton Longstaff
  • Opinions and Notes by Botao Wu

The new issue can be ordered through our online store. Happy reading!