CanLit Books

Wading the Trout River

Wafer Thin

Wait Time: A Memoir of Cancer

Wait Until Late Afternoon

Waiting for Columbus

Waiting for Elvis

Waiting for Joe

Waiting for Li Ming

Waiting for the Messiah: A Memoir

Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the Sun: Poetics/Theology/Rhetoric in Margaret Avison’s sunblue

Waiting for The Whales

Waiting for Wayman

Waiting Room



Wake-Pick Poems

Wakeful Nights—Stephan G. Stephansson: Icelandic–Canadian Poet

Waking Sleeping Beauty: Feminist Voices in Children’s Novels

Walk through the Valley


Walking at Brighton

Walking Backward

Walking in Indian Moccasins: The Native Policies of Tommy Douglas and the CCF

Walking in Paradise

Walking on the Greenhouse Roof

Walking on the Land

Walking on Water

Walking on Water

Walking Since Daybreak: A Story of Eastern Europe, World War II, and the Heart of Our Century

Walking Slow

Walking the Line: Travels along the Canadian/American Border

Walking Through Fire

Walking through the Valley: An Autobiography

Walking to Mojacar

Wallace Stevens: The Poetics of Modernism


Wally Stutzgummer, Super Bad Dude


Walter Benjamin’s Philosophy

Walter J. Phillips, A Selection of His Works and Thoughts

Wandering Rafferty

Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost

Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost

Wanna Play? Three Plays for High Schools


Wanted: Donald Morrison– The True Story of the Megantic Outlaw

Wanting in Arabic

Wanting the Day: Selected Poems

War in an Empty House

War in the West: Voices of the 1885 Rebellion

War Is Here: The Vietnam War and Canadian Literature

War Paint: Blackfoot and Sarcee Painted Buffalo Robes in the Royal Ontario Museum

Was That You at the Guggenheim?

Washington Black

Washita: Poems

wâskahikaniwiyiniw-âcimowina: Stories of the House People

Waste Heritage



Watcha Gonna Do Boy . . . Watcha Gonna Be?

Watcha Gonna Do Boy . . . Watcha Gonna Be?

Watchers at the Pond

Watching Dallas

Watching Jimmy

Watching Quebec: Selected Essays

Water Damage

Water Stair

Water Studies [:] New Voices in maritime Fiction

Water Wings


Waterloo Express


Watermelon Kindness

Watermelon Syrup


Wavelengths of Your Song

Way Down Deep in the Belly of the Beast

Way Out West: On the Trail of an Errant Ancestor

Wayside Sang


We Are Here

We Are Not Avatars: Essays, Memoirs, Manifestos

We Are Not in Pakistan

We Are Not You: First Nations and Canadian Modernity

We Are Their Voice: Young People Respond to the Holocaust

We Are What We Eat: Ethnic food and the Making of Americans

We Are What We Eat: Ethnic Food and the Making of Americans

We Are What We Mourn: The Contemporary English Canadian Elegy

We Could Stay Here All Night

We Go Far Back in Time: The Letters of Earle Birney and Al Purdy, 1947-1987

We Need to Go to School: Voices of the Rugmark Children

We Share Our Matters: Two Centuries of Writing and Resistance at Six Nations of the Grand River

We Stand on Guard

We Want You to Know

We Were Not the Savages: Collision Between European and Native American Civilizations

We Who Can Fly: Poems, Essays and Memories in Honour of Adele Wiseman

We, Beasts

We, the Wilderness

We’ll All Go Sailing