CanLit Books

A Difficult Beauty

A Difficult Beauty

A Difficult Faith

A Dirge for My Daughter: Poems

A Discovery of Strangers

A Divided Voice

A Doctor’s Calling

A Dream of Horses

A Dream of Horses

A Dream of Lilies

A Dream of Sulphur

A Drean Like Mine

A Drifting Year

A Dropped Glove in Regent Street

A Due Sense of Differences: An Evaluative Approach to Canadian Literature

A Fair Shake: Autobiographical Essays by McGill Women

A Fairly Conventional Woman

A Family Album

a few myths

A Few Words Will Do

A Fiddle for Angus

A Fiddler’s World

A Field Guide to “A Field Guide to Dungeness Spit”

A Fine and Private Place

A Fine and Quiet Place

A Fine Daughter

A Fine Grammar of Bones

A Fine Grammar of Bones

A First Class Funeral

A Flannel Shirt and Liberty, British Emigrant Women in the Canadian West, 1880-1914

A Fly Named Alfred

A Fly on the Curtain

À force de mystère: Oeuvre poétique 1958-1974

A Forest for Zoe

A Friction of Lights

A Game of Angels

A Game of Perfection

A Gentleman of Pleasure

A Gentleman of Pleasure: One Life of John Glassco, Poet, Memoirist, Translator, and Pornographer

A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada

A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada: The Journals, Letters, and Art of Anne Langton

A Geography of Souls

A Gift of Echoes

A Gift of Sky

A Girl Like Sugar

A Glorious and Terrible Life with You: Selected Correspondence of Northrop Frye and Helen Kemp, 1932-1939

A Gloss on Our Painted Gods

A Good and Wise Measure: The Search for the Canadian-American Boundary, 1783-1842

A Good Death

A Good House

A Good Man

A Good Man

A Good Time Had by All

A Gradual Ruin

A Grain of Rice

A Grand Adventure: The Lives of Helge and Anne Stine Ingstad and Their Discovery of a Viking Settlement in North America

A Grand Memory for Forgetting

à€ grandes gorgées de poussière

A Grass Pillow

A Grave in the Air

A Group of One

A Guide to B.C. Indian Myth and Legend

A Handbook for Beautiful People

A Hare in the Elephant’s Trunk

A Heart at Leisure From Itself

A Heart in Port

A Hero

A Hero Travels Light

A Hinge of Spring

A History and Ethnography of the Beothuk

A History for the Future: Rewriting Memory and Identity in Quebec

A History of Blacks in Canada

A History of Canada. Vol I: From its Origins to the Royal Regime, 1663

A History of Canadian Gardening

A History of Canadian Literature

A History of Domestic Space: Privacy and the Canadian Home

A History of Forgetting

A History of Modern Poetry: Modernism and After

A History of Music in Canada 1534-1914

A History of the “Atlantic Monthly” 1857-1909

A History of the “Atlantic Monthly” 1857-1909: Yankee Humanism at High Tide and Ebb

A History of the Canadian West to 1870-71

A History of the Churches in the United States and Canada

A History of Victoria

A History of Women in the West III. Renaissance and Enlightenment Paradoxes

A Hot-Eyed Moderate

A House by the Sea

A House Full of Women

A House of Words: Jewish Writing, Identity, and Memory

A Jest of God

A Johnny Novel

A Journey through Afghanistan: A Memorial

A Kind of Fiction

A Kind of Inconsistency

A Kind of Perseverance

A Knight In Dried Plums

À l’ɉcoute de l’Écoumène

A l’ombre de DesRochers

A l’orée de l’oeil

A la façon d’un charpentier