CanLit Books


Sense of Season

Sensorielles: Autour de Paul Chanel Malenfant

Sentenced to Light

Sentimental Journey: An Oral History of Train Travel in Canada

Sentimental Modernism: Women Writers and the Revolution of the World

Separate Spheres: Women’s Worlds in the 19th-Century Maritimes


Sept-Iles Racontée

Séquences de l’Aile

serpent (w)rite: (a reader’s gloss)

Serpent in the Night Sky

Serpent Kills

Serpentine Loop

Servant of Two Masters

Setting in the East: Maritime Realist Fiction

Settlement in a School of Whales

Settlement Poems 1, Settlement Poems 2


Settler Feminism and Race Making in Canada

Settling and Unsettling Memories: Essays in Canadian Public History

Seven Hills

Seven Hours to Sundown

Seven Hours to Sundown

Seven Ravens

Seven Robins

Seven Shillings a Year: The History of Vancouver Island

Seven Stones, A Portrait of Arthur Erickson, Architect

Seven Waves: Quebec Women Writers

Seven Waves: Quebec Women Writers

Seventeen Odes

Seventeen Tomatoes

Seventeen Tomatoes: Tales from Kashmir

Seventy-One Poems for People

Sex and Character

Sex and Death

Sex and Violence in the Canadian Novel: The Ancestral Present

Sex Carnival

Sex is Red

Sexing the Maple

Sexualizing Power in Naturalism: Theodore Dreiser and Frederick Philip Grove

Sexy Bodies: The Strange Carnalities of Feminism

SH:LAM (The Doctor)

Shack: The Cutland Junction Stories

Shacking Up

Shades of Right: Nativist and Fascist Politics in Canada: 1920-1940

Shades: The Whole Story of Doctor Tin

Shadow Maker: The Life of Gwendolyn MacEwen




Shadows in the Grass

Shadows of Disaster

Shadows of the Crimson Sun: One Man’s Life in Manchuria, Taiwan, and North America

Shadows on a Wall

Shahnaz : A Novel

Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda

Shaken by Physics

Shakespeare and Canada: Essays on Production, Translation, and Adaptation

Shakespeare and Canada: Remembrance of Ourselves

Shakespeare in the Worlds of Communism and Socialism

Shakespeare, Seven Talks for C.B.C. Radio

Shakespeare’s America, America’s Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Dog

Shakespeare’s Dog

Shakespeare’s Tragic Justice

Shaking It Rough

Shaking the Dreamland Tree

Shakti’s Words: An Anthology of South Asian Canadian Women’s Poetry

Shall: Ghazals

Shaman’s Daughter

Shaman’s Ground



Shanghai Modern: The Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China 1930-1945

Shanghai Modern: The Flowering of a New Urban Culture in China 1930-1945

Shaped by This Land

Shapes of Clay


Shaping a World Already Made: Landscape and Poetry of the Canadian Prairies

Shaping the Novel: Textual Interplay in the Fiction of Malraux, Hébert, and Modiano


Shared Anxiety: Selected Plays

Sharon Pollock: Collected Works, Volume One

Sharon Pollock: First Woman of Canadian Theatre


Shattered Fanatics

Shattered Selves: Multiple Personality in a Postmodern World

Shattered Songs

Shattered Subjects: Trauma and Testimony in Women’s Life Writing

Shattered Voices: Language, Violence, and the Work of Truth Commissions

She Left Nothing in Particular: The Autobiographical Legacy Nineteenth-Century Women’s Diaries

She of the Mountains

She Said/She Saw

She Said/She Saw

She Tries her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks

She Tries Her Tongue, Her Silence Softly Breaks

she walks for days inside a thousand eyes

She Would Be the First Sentence of My Next Novel / Elle serait la première phrase de mon prochain roman

She Would Be the First Sentence of My Next Novel/Elle serait la première phrase de mon prochain roman