CanLit Books

House of Hate

House of Spells

Houseboat on the Styx


Houses of Snow, Skin and Bones

How a People Die

How A People Die

How Did You Sleep?

How Did You Sleep?

How Do You Spell Beautiful? And Other Stories

How does a single blade of grass thank the sun?

How Far We Go and How Fast

How Festive the Ambulance

How Happy Became Homosexual: And Other Mysterious Semantic Shifts

How Happy to Be

How I Wrote Certain of My Books

How Insenstive

How it Happened in Peach Hill

How Our Lives Become Stories: Making Selves

How Poetry Saved my Life: A Hustler’s Memoir

How Should I Read These?: Native Women Writers in Canada

How Summer Came to Canada

How the Blessed Live

How Things Came to Be: Inuit Stories of Creation

How To

How to Avoid Huge Ships

How to be a Green Liberal: Nature, Value and Liberal Philosophy

How to Be Eaten by a Lion

How to Dance in this Rarefield Air

How To Draw A Rhinoceros

How to Grow Your Own Lightbulbs

How to make love to a Negro

How to Paint

How to Play: The Theatre of James Reaney

How to Read (and Write About) Poetry

How to Saw Wood with an Angel

How to Write

How Two-Feather Was Saved from Loneliness

how we play at it

How You Were Born

Hubert Aquin dix ans après

Hubert Aquin entre référence et métaphore

Hubert Aquin, ou la quête interrompue

Hubert Aquin, romancier

Hubert Evans

Hugh Garner

Hugh Garner’s Best Stories

Hugh Hood

Hugh MacLennan

Hugh MacLennan

Hugh MacLennan

Hugh MacLennan

Hugh MacLennan

Hugh MacLennan: A Writer’s Life

Huit sorties

Humains paysages en temps de paix relative

Humains paysages en temps de paix relative

Human Acts

Human Amusements

Human Bodies: New and Collected Poems 1987-1999

Human Bones

Human Resources

Human Tissue

Humanism Betrayed

Humanistic Geography and Literature

Humans and Other Beasts

Humilité et profanation : Au pied de la pente douce de Roger Lemelin

Humor in Contemporary Native North American Literature: Reimagining Nativeness

Hundred Block Rock

Hundred Proof Earth

Hundreds and Thousands

Hunger Journeys

Hunger Journeys

Hunger Trace

hungree throat

Hunt in an Unmapped Interior

Hunter in the Dark

Hunting for Empire

Hunting Piero

Hunting Stuart and other plays

Hunting Tigers Under Glass

Hurricane Treasure


Hurricanes Over London

Hurt Thyself



Hybridity and Postcolonialism: Twentieth-Century Indian Literature


Hypatie ou la fin des dieux

Hypertextes. Espaces virtuels de lecture et d’écriture