CanLit Books

Romanica Silesiana, no. 2: “La Réécriture dans la littérature québécoise”

Romans de la poésie

Romantic at Heart and other Faults

Romantic Ecologies and Colonial Cultures in the British-Atlantic World, 1770-1850

Romantic Hospitality and the Resistance to Accommodation

Romantic Revolutions

Romantic Revolutions: Criticism and Theory

Romanticism, Race, and Imperial Culture, 1780-1834

Romanticism, Race, and Imperial Culture, 1780-1834

Rommel & Patton


Room Tone

Rooms of Our Own

Rooted Cosmopolitanism: Canada and the World

Roothog: Contemporary B.C. Writing

Rootless but Green Are the Boulevard Trees

Rootless Tree

Roots and Values in Canadian Lives

Roots of Conflict


Rosa’s District 6


Rose Amer

Rosemary Goal

Rosemary Goal

Roses are Difficult Here

Roses Sing on New Snow

Ross Macdonald

Rouge malsain

Rouge, mère et fils

Rough Justice: Essays on Crime in English Literature

Roughing It in the Bush

Roughing It in the Bush or Life of Canada

Rouleaux de printemps

Routes of the Roots: Geography and Literature in the English-Speaking Countries

Royal Commission on Book Publishing: Background Papers

Royal Flying Corps

Royal Murdoch


Ruba’iyat for the Time of Apricots

Rubaboo 2: stories for boys and girls from ten to twelve


Rude: Contemporary Black Canadian Cultural Criticism

Rudy Wiebe

Rudy Wiebe: Collected Stories, 1955-2010


Rue Daubenton

Rue Sainte Famille

Rue St-Denis: Fantastic Tales

Rue St-Denis: Fantastic Tales

Rum River: Stories

Rumours of War


Run, Hide, Repeat: A Memoir of a Fugitive Childhood

Run, Madrina, Run!


Runaway Dreams

Runaway Dreams

Running into the Open

Running Out

Running Out of Time

Running to Paradise

Running with the Caribou

Rupert’s Land

Ruptures et constantes

Rural Roots: Pre-Confederation Buildings of the York Region of Ontario

Russia in Pacific Waters: 1715-1825

Russian Canadians; Their Past and Present

Russian Poetry: A Personal Anthology

Russian Shadows

Ryerson of Upper Canada