Black Moss Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Katzenbody Problem by Tsigane Baernstein
Blessings by Bernice Lever
Cuba Journal by Cornelia Hoogland
Untying the Tongue by Gregory M. Cook
Blessings by Jes Battis and Bernice Lever
First Person Plural by Ron Paulson, Daniel Jalowica, Patricia Keeney, Judith Fitzgerald and Daniel David Moses
Malignant Humors: Selected Stories by Crad Kilodney and Mary Hamilton
The Priest's Boy by Michael Mason and Clive Doucet
Port Ebony by Dan Jalowica and Alexander M. Forbes
The Debris of Planets by Clive Doucet
Raising of Voices by Robert Hilles
Shadowcrossing by Lea Harper
Shadowing by Jerry Silverberg and Paul Savoie
In War with Time by Leila Pepper
Taking Care of My Cold by Joan Buchanan
The Open Room by Bert Almon and Bruce Meyer
Rasberrying by Jack Stewart and Leonard Neufeldt
Selected Organs: Parts of an Autobiography by Douglas Barbour and BP Nicol
Sayings for the Invisible by E. F. Shields and Rod Willmot
Crossing the Snow Line by Elizabeth Hay
A Season in Beware by Bert Almon and Mary Melfi
Canadian Sunset by David McFadden
The Promised Land by Martin Waxman
Heat Lightning by Robert Hogg
Whitefaces by Fraser Sutherland
Imagining Horses by John Bemrose
Imprecations by James Reaney
The Ribs of Dragonfly by Rod Willmot
Windfalls for Cider by Raymond Knister
Revenge of the Mistresses by Peter Stevens
Un Dozen by Judith Fitzgerald
Beneath the Skin of Paradise by Judith Fitzgerald
Passchendaele by Ted Plantos
The Ruined Season by M. T. Kelly
The Story's Dream by Sean O'Huigin
Junction by Elizabeth Brewster
Bursting Into Song by Al (Alfred W) Purdy
In a White Shirt by Bill Howell
The Horsburgh Scandal by Betty Jane Wylie
Blue Angel by Tim Inkster
The Mad River and Other Stories by Douglas H. Glover
Growing Still by Greg Gatenby
Nude on the Dartmouth by Elizabeth Jones
The More Loving One by M. T. Kelly
The Naming Of The Beasts by Peter Stevens and Francis Sparshott
Dangerous Crossings by David Donnell
Brave New Wave by Jack David
The Writing Life by C. H. Gervais
Blue Panic by Sue Schenk and Rosemary Sullivan
One Night by Ken Norris