Borealis Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

A Visiting Distance by Patrick Anderson
Dried Flowers by Fred Cogswell
James McGill of Montreal: Citizen of the Atlantic World by John Irwin Cooper and James Woycke
Later in Chicago by Fred Cogswell
Ghosts by Fred Cogswell
Probablement l'Espagne by Claude Charron
Margin of Error by Lesley Choyce
Not in my Backyard by Bryan R. Meadows
Chapters in a Lucky Life by Clara Thomas
Someday by Drew Hayden Taylor
The Altering Eye by Susan McCaslin
Recollections of Nova Scotia: The Clockmaker by Thomas Chandler Haliburton
Sandy by Nancy Freeman
New Canadian Drama 3 by Denis Salter
The Hewed Out Light by Russell Thornton
Strike at Eldorado by Carl Horte
Canadian Novelists and the Novel by Leslie Monkman and Douglas M. Daymond
Tom, David, and the Pirates by Betty Clarkson
The Secret of Ivy Lea by Janice Cowan
Where the Heart Is by Nell Hanna
Wry & Ginger by Jack Howard
Tally Ho! by Marie Mitchell
Nightmare Tales by Stanley K. Freiberg
The Lure of the Wild by Charles G. D. Roberts
Twelve Voices by Jon Pearce
Reclamation by David Haskins
New Canadian Drama—1 by Neil Carson
Literary Friends by Wilfred Eggleston
Nude Therapy by Saros Cowasjee
Piece Work by Mona Elaine Adilman
This Planet Earth by Cyril Dabydeen
Flux by Elizabeth Jones
The Circular Dark by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Fairy Tales of Isabella Valancy Crawford by Penny Petrone and Isabella Valancy Crawford
A Visiting Distance by Patrick Anderson
If You Love by Leonard Gasparini
Collected Poems by Neil Tracy
Some Wild Gypsy by Brenda Fleet
Diving for the Body by Eugene McNamara
Poets of the Capital by Stephen Gill and Frank M. Tierney
Intersect by Carol Shields