Brick Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Autowar by Assiyah Jamilla Touré
If You Discover a Fire by Shaun Robinson
Sotto Voce by Maureen Hynes
Devil in the Woods by D. A. Lockhart
Bones by Tyler Pennock
Mowing by Marlene Cookshaw
Wild Madder by Brenda Leifso
Reunion by Deanna Young
Museum of Kindness by Susan Elmslie
Cries from the Ark by Dan MacIsaac
All the Names Between by Julia McCarthy
Selah by Nora Gould
Auguries by Clea Roberts
Thin Air of the Knowable by Wendy Donawa
Other Houses by Kate Cayley
Karyotype by Kim Trainor
Stomata by Genevieve Lehr
Tell Them It Was Mozart by Angeline Schellenberg
Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments by Ulrikka S. Gernes, Patrick Friesen and Per Brask
Heaven's Thieves by Sue Sinclair
A Really Good Brown Girl: Brick Books Classics 4 by Marilyn Dumont and Lee Maracle
Meditatio Placentae by Monty Reid
Disturbing the Buddha by Barry Dempster
Careen by Carolyn Smart
This World We Invented by Carolyn Marie Souaid
Monologue Dogs by Méira Cook
Ordinary Hours by Karen Enns
The Fleece Era by Joanna Lilley
Lake of Two Mountains by Arleen Paré
The Family China by Ann Shin
Placeholder by Charmaine Cadeau
Kingdom, Phylum by Adam Dickinson
Afloat by John Reibetanz
God's Geography by Don Gutteridge
The Fetch by Nico Rogers
Girlwood by Jennifer Still
Vox Humana by E. Alex Pierce
The Truth of Houses by Ann Snowcroft
That Other Beauty by Karen Enns
Alien, Correspondent by Antony Di Nardo
Lost Gospels by Lorri Neilsen Glenn
Double Somersaults by Marlene Cookshaw
Cartography and Walking by Adam Dickinson
Other People's Lives by Chris Hutchinson
Concrete and Wild Carrot by Margaret Avison
The Last House by Michael Kenyon
Daughters of Men by Brenda Leifso
Cypress by Barbara Klar
All Our Wonder Unavenged by Don Domanski
Anatomy of Keys by Steven Price
The Burning Alphabet by Barry Dempster
I, Nadja, and Other Poems by Susan Elmslie
When Earth Leaps Up by Anne Szumigalski and Mark Abley
Ink Monkey by Diana Hartog
The Sutler by Michael Kenyon
Inter Alia by David Seymour
Modern and Normal by Karen Solie
The Dwelling of Weather by Hilary Clark
Robinson's Crossing by Jan Zwicky
Cartography and Walking. by R. W. Stedingh
Gathering Wild by Marianne Bluger
Ladder to the Moon by Douglas Burnet Smith
Spells for Clear Vision by Neile Graham
Mahoning by A. F. Moritz
Year Zero by Brian Henderson
Eyes Like Pigeons by Roberta Rees
Double Somersaults by Marlene Cookshaw
Hologram by P. K. Page
Earth Prime by Bert Almon
Short Talks by Anne Carson
New Life in Dark Seas by Stan Dragland
The End of Travel by Julie Bruck
Hard Light by Michael Crummey
Riffs by Dennis Lee
Reasons for Winter by Naomi Guttman
Shameless by Marlene Cookshaw
Marrying the Sea by Janice Kulyk Keefer
Combustion by Lorri Neilsen Glenn
Anthem by Helen Humphreys
Autodidactic by Don Kerr
Adult Language Warning by William Robertson
The Artemesia Book by Colleen Thibaudeau
Body Rain by J. A. Hamilton
A Season of Mourning by Frances Itani
Love Outlandish by Barry Dempster
Maps with Moving Parts by Walid Bitar
Amanuensis by Darrell Laird and Phil Hall
The Whole Elephant by Marlene Cookshaw
Abraham by Colin Browne
Gods and Other Mortals by Helen Humphreys
Hired Hands by John B. Lee
Bearings by Rhonda Batchelor
Where Have We Been by Jan Zwicky
On Nights Like This by Marianne Bluger
Pisscat Songs by E. F. Dyck
Harrier by Terry Griggs
News and Weather by August Kleinzahler
The Truth of Houses by Ann Scowcroft
The Fetch by Nico Rogers
Sharawadji by Brian Henderson
Between Dusk and Night by Emily McGiffin
Monkey Ranch by Julie Bruck
The Rapids by Susan Gillis
Vox Humana by E. Alex Pierce
A Walker in the City by Méira Cook