Brindle & Glass

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

In the Flesh: Twenty Writers Explore the Body by Lynne Van Luven and Kathy Page
The Tinsmith by Tim Bowling
The Canterbury Trail by Angie Abdou
Falling from Grace by Ann Eriksson
The Age of Water Lilies by Theresa Kishkan
Hooker & Brown by David Yee and Shirley Mahood
Things Go Flying by Shari Lapeña
Sage Island by Samantha Warwick
The Reckoning of Boston Jim by Claire Mulligan
Dancing Nightly in the Tavern by Mark Anthony Jarman
Forgotten Highways by Nicky Brink and Stephen R. Bown
One Chrysanthemum by Joan Itoh Burk
The Madonna List by Max Foran
Adrift on the Ark by Margaret Thompson
Sweetness from Ashes by Marlyn Horsdal
Vancouver Kids by Lesley McKnight
Northern Kids by Linda Goyette