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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Fin de Siècle by C. J. Dixon
Murder on Location by Howard Engel
Hunter in the Dark by Monica Hughes
At Home in Upper Canada by W. H. New and Jeanne Minhinnick
Pride and Fall by Kildare Dobbs
Famous Last Words by Timothy Findley
Far from Shore by Kevin Major
Kowalski's Last Chance by Leo Simpson
The Art of Emily Carr by Doris Shadbolt
National Research in Canada: the NRC 1916-1966 by W. H. New and Wilfred Eggleston
In Pursuit of Coleridge by Kathleen Coburn
The Wars by Timothy Findley
Emily by Florence McNeil
Stepping Stones by Jamie Brown
Smoked Glass by Alden Nowlan
In Search of Eros by Elizabeth Brewster
riverrun by Peter Such
The Immoral Moralists by Patricia Morley
The Style of Innocence by Fraser Sutherland
Graves without Crosses by Arved Viirlaid
Wilderness Writers by James Polk
At Home in Upper Canada by Jeanne Mihinnick
An Earl Must Have a Wife by Will R. Bird
A Cardboard Garage by Francis Sparshott
The Mysterious Naked Man by Alden Nowlan
Canada Past & Present by John Saywell
A World Turned Turtle by John Cornish
Leacock by Stephen Franklin
The Fenians by Michael Crawford and Kenneth Armstrong
Miracle at Indian River by Alden Nowlan
New Canadian Writing 1968 by David Lewis Stein
Building the CPR by Doug Stuebing and Donald Stephens
The Great Depression by Donald Stephens and Charles W. Humphries
The North-west Passage by Richard Howard and Donald Stephens
Louisberg by Richard Howard and Donald Stephens
La Salle by John Upton Terrell and Donald Stephens
New Canadian Writing, 1969 by C. J. Newman, John Metcalf and D. O. Spettigue
Bread, Wine and Salt by Alden Nowlan
Calvin and the Libertines of Geneva by Ross William Collins
A Century of Reporting/Un siècle de reportage by L. Brault, J.-L. Gagnon, W. Kesterton, F. Underhill, C. Young and D. C. McArthur
Lunar Caustic by Malcolm Lowry
Sherbourne Street by John Cornish
Morrice by Kathleen Daly Pepper
Ultramarine by Malcolm Lowry
Between Arab and Israel by E. L. M. Burns
A Place of Liberty by George Whalley
Steinbeck by F. W. Watt
The Tiger of Canada West by W. H. Graham
McGillivray—Lord of the Northwest by Marjorie Wilkins Campbell
Famous Indians by Ethel Brant Monture
The Man Hunters by Nansi Swayze
Success of a Mission by Eric Koch and Vincent Tovell
A Painter’s Country by A. Y. Jackson
Canada: a Political and Social Hstory by Margaret Ormsby and Edgar McInnis
The Face of Canada by Various Authors
Canada on Stage by Stanley Richards
Dust Before the Wind by Robert Homan