Cormorant Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Water Proof by Aaron Bushkowsky
Transformations by James King
The Wrong Madonna by Britt Holmström
River Music by Mary Soderstrom
Catullus's Soldiers by Daniel Goodwin
The Tale-Teller by Susan Glickman
Dancing Lessons: A Novel by Olive Senior
The Port Inventory by Donald McGrath
Ash Steps by M. Travis Lane
Tilt by E. Blagrave
New Under the Sun by Kevin Major
The Honey Locust by Jeffery Round
Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost by Jonathan Kaplansky and Hélène Rioux
The Heart Specialist by Claire Holden Rothman
Acting the Giddy Goat by Mike Tanner
Cumberland by Michael V. Smith
The Blue Circus by Jacques Savoie and Sheila Fischman
From This Distance by Karen McLaughlin
Operation Rimbaud by Patricia Claxton and Jacques Godbout
Hooked on Canadian Books by T. F. Rigelhof
Oonagh by Mary Tilberg
The Violets of Usambara by Mary Soderstrom and Jessica Langston
Odori by Darcy Tamayose
Born With A Tooth by Joseph Boyden
Finding Home by Eric Wright
Coureurs de Bois by Bruce F. MacDonald
Bottle Rocket Hearts by Zoe Whittall
Home Schooling by Heidi Tiedemann Darroch and Carol Windley
The Woman Who Walks on Glass by Christine Frenette and Sheila Fischman
Glass Voices by Carol Bruneau
The Extraordinary Garden by Francois Gravel and Sheila Fischman
Adieu, Betty Crocker by Francois Gravel and Sheila Fischman
The Perfect Circle by Pascale Quiviger and Sheila Fischman
The Vanishing Man by Aaron Bushkowsky
An Ordinary Star by Carole Giangrande
The Body's Place by Élise Turcotte and Sheila Fischman
Wild Cat by Jacques Poulin and Sheila Fischman
An English Gentleman by Sky Gilbert
The Whole Night Through by Christiane Frenette
Beyond Measure by Pauline Holdstock
Survivors by Chava Rosenfarb
The Only Snow in Havana by Elizabeth Hay
Ostend by Francois Gravel
Fox's Nose by Sally Ireland
Aegean Tales by Pan Bouyoucas and Sheila Fischman
Before the Flood by Alan R. Wilson
One Fish from the Rooftop by John Mikhail Asfour
Wafer Thin by Elin Elgaard
Acts of Light by Mark Frutkin
A Very Large Soul by J. A. Wainwright
Acting the Giddy Goat by Lutz Schowalter and Mike Tanner
Drought and Other Stories by Jan Thornhill
Doing the Heart Good by Neil Bissoondath
Gaff Topsails by Patrick Kavanagh
Sex is Red by Bill Gaston
The Death of the Moon by Brian Panhuyzen
Purple for Sky by Carol Bruneau
Miss September by Francois Gravel and Sheila Fischman
Bella Combe Journal by Bill Gaston
Red Moon by Jean Lemieux and Sheila Fischman
North of Jesus' Beans by Bill Gaston
Hellman's Scrapbook by Robert Majzels
Thinking and Singing by Tim Lilburn
Frog Moon by Lola Lemire Tostevin
Life in Another Language by Liliane Welch
Felicity's Fool by François Gravel and Sheila Fischman
Drowning in Darkness by Peter Oliva
Woyzeck's Head by Ekbert Faas
Talkin Basie by Don Kerr
Walking on Water by Jancis M. Andrews
Silver Salts by Mark Blagrave
Lives of the Saints by Nino Ricci
Blue Sand, Blue Moon by Mark Abley
The Confusion of Stones by Marwan Hassan
Fragments of the World by Hélène Rioux
Snakebite by Judit M. Molnár and Ann Diamond
To Samarkand and Back by Roma Gelblum-Bross
Becoming Light by Robyn Sarah
Children of Byzantium by Katherine Vlassie
I Didn't Notice the Mountain Growing Dark by Li Pai, Tu Fu, Gary Geddes and George Liang
Slow Mist by Vincenzo Albanese
Daisy Circus by Rita Donovan
Close Calls: short stories by Patricia Stone
The Honey Locust by Jeffery Round
Progress: A Novel by Michael V. Smith
Wandering Souls in Paradise Lost by Hélène Rioux and Jonathan Kaplansky
Come from Afar by Gayla Reid
After the Red Night by Christiane Frenette and Sheila Fischman
Silver by Pablo Urbanyi
The Goodtime Girl by Tess Fragoulis
The Western Light by Susan Swan
New Under the Sun by Kevin Major