Coteau Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Rue des Rosiers by Rhea Tregebov
Zara's Dead by Sharon Butala
A Calendar of Reckoning by Dave Margoshes
Scattered Bones by Maggie Siggins
Islands of Grass by Trevor Herriot and Branimir Gjetvaj
breathing at dusk by Beth Goobie
Trying to Say Goodbye by Lois Simmie
Wild Rose by Sharon Butala
A Woman Clothed in Words by Mark Abley and Anne Szumigalski
A Large Harmonium by Sue Sorensen
Bone Coulee by Larry Warwaruk
The Forest Horses by Byrna Barclay
The Practice of Perfection by Mary Frances Coady
My flesh the Sound of Rain by Heather MacLeod
Banjo Lessons by David Carpenter
Due West: 30 Great Stories from Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba by Wayne Tefs, Geoffrey Ursell and Aritha van Herk
Leonel/Roque by Jim Smith
The Broken Thread by Linda Smith
Molly's Cue by Alison Acheson
Euphoria by Jan E. Conn
We Want You to Know by Deborah Ellis
Long After Fathers by Roberta Rees
My Human Comedy by Gerald Hill
Mud Girl by Alison Acheson
One Foot in Heaven by David Waltner-Toews
God of the Plains by Gail Robinson
Residual Desire by J. Jill Robinson
Girl At the Window by Byrna Barclay
Casualties by Terrence Heath
Dry by Barbara Sapergia
What My Body Knows by Lynda Monahan
The Star-Glass by Duncan Thornton
A Promise of Salt by Lorie Miseck
Perishable Light by Dennis Cooley
Things You Don't Forget by Robert Currie
Exiles Among You by Kristjana Gunnars
Beyond My Keeping by Elizabeth Philips
Red Dust, Red Sky by Paul S. Sunga
Waiting for Elvis by David Elias
Waterfalls by Eugene McNamara
At Geronimo's Grave by Armand Garnet Ruffo
Sightlines by Leona Theis
Kalyna's Song by Lisa Grekul
Penelope's Way by Blanche Howard
Bear Bones and Feathers by Louise Bernice Halfe
Half the Sky by Judith Krause
Eureka! Seven One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools by Jacquie Johnston Lewis and Dianne Warren
Cyclone by Julia van Gorder
Rock Creek by Thelma Poirer
The Book of Sarah by Betty Wilson
Americas by Robert Mullen
Why Couldn't You See Blue? by Caroline Heath
Long Distance Calls by Dave Margoshes
The Maleness of God by Brenda Baker
Silence of the Country by Kristjana Gunnars
Swimming into Darkness by Gail Helgason
The Great Gift of Tears by Heather Hodgson
The Ukrainian Wedding by Larry Warwaruk
The Blue Field by Barbara Klar
My flesh the Sound of Rain by Andrea Wasylow Sharman and Heather MacLeod
Voice by Marie Elyse St. George and Anne Szumigalski
Club Chernobyl by Dianne Warren
Stag Line: Stories by Men by Bonnie Burnard
Singing Sky by Margaret Creal
Wolf Tree by Alison Calder
Two Lands, New Visions: Stories from Canada and Ukraine by Janice Kulyk Keefer and Solomea Pavlychko
Ring Finger, Left Hand by Katherine Lawrence
A Blue with Blood in It by Elizabeth Philips
Duets by Per Brask and George Szanto
Wishbone by Reg Silvester
Time in a Green country by Elizabeth Philips
The Factory Voice by Jeanette Lynes
Best Kept Secrets by Pat Krause
Winter by Patrick Lane
The Wednesday Flower Man by Dianne Warren
A Sudden Radiance: Saskatchewan Poetry by Lorna Crozier and Gary Hyland
Changes of State by Gary Geddes
Some of Eve's Daughters by Connie Gault
Standing On Our Own Two Feet by W. B. Robertson
Shaking the Dreamland Tree by Nadine McInnis
Fish-Hooks by Reg Silvester
Double Visions by Jean Hillabold and Thelma Poirier
Street of Dreams by Gary Hyland
The Weather by Lorna Crozier
Night Games by Robert Currie
Earth Dreams by Jerry Rush
A New Improved Sky by Don Kerr
What We Bring Home by Judith Krause
Bone Coulee by Larry Warwaruk
The Forest Horses by Byrna Barclay
Letters to Omar by Rachel Wyatt