Ekstasis Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Earthbaby by Peter Such
Conflicting Desire by A. F. Moritz
Rue St-Denis: Fantastic Tales by André Carpentier and Leonard W. Sugden
The Flea Market by John Moore
Woman Arborescent by Annick Perrot-Bishop and Neil B. Bishop
Celtic Highway by Trevor Carolan
Passages by Emile Ollivier
Paris Québec by Claudine Bertrand, Marie Vautier and Stephen Scobie
High-maintenance by Stephen Bett
The Wardrobe Mistress by Beatriz Hausner
The Gates of Even by John Thompson
The Gates of Even by Bert Almon and John Thompson
Today I Belong To Agnes by Glen Sorestad
The Flourish by Heather Spears
Houseboat on the Styx by A. F. Moritz
Beautiful Sadness by Lesley Choyce
Rue St-Denis: Fantastic Tales by Leonard W. Sugden
The Goddess in the Garden by Carolyn Zonailo
The Walled Garden by Michael Bullock
Private Eye by Wendy Morton
Modigliani by Martin Gray
Collected Poems by Eldon Grier
The Women Who Surround Me by Jack Stewart and C. D. Reid