Fiddlehead Poetry Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

A Dream of Lilies by Joan Finnigan
the loneliness of the poet/housewife by Mary Humphrey Baldridge
The Ultimate Contact by Kathy Tyler
Only So Far by Hilary Thompson
Power Sources by Carolyn Smart
Is That You This Is Me by Elspeth Bradbury
Men by Elizabeth Woods
The Distress of Harvest by Gillean Chase
The Terrible Word by William Bauer
One Who Became Lost by Marilyn Bowering
Some Breath by Linda Rogers
By Death Never Leave Me by Stephanie J. Nynych
Living Together by Joan Finnigan
Music for Moondance by Linda Rogers
Blue Is the Colour of Death by Dorothy Farmiloe
The Tongue Still Dances by Robert Gibbs
Bullets and Cathedrals by Brenda Fleet
The Chains of Lilliput by Fred Cogswell
Tunnel Bus to Detroit by Len Gasparini
Trips—without LSD by Rose Rosberg
In the Balance by Violet Anderson
The Splintered Moon by Joy Kogawa
Extended by Dorothy Roberts
Shapes of Clay by Neil Tracy