Goose Lane Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Running Trees: Stories by Amber McMillan
Blaze Island by Catherine Bush
Crow Gulch by Douglas Walbourne-Gough
Crow by Amy Spurway
Correspondent by Dominique Bernier-Cormier
Hymnswitch by Ali Blythe
Catch My Drift by Genevieve Scott
Marry, Bang, Kill by Andrew Battershill
Dust or Fire by Alyda Faber
The Witch of the Inner Wood: Collected Long Poems by M. Travis Lane and Shane Neilson
Fauxccasional Poems by Daniel Scott Tysdal
The Hunter and the Wild Girl by Pauline Holdstock
Mr. Jones by Margaret Sweatman
Polari by John Barton
Jonas in Frames: an epic by Chris Hutchinson
Accusation by Catherine Bush
[Sharps] by Stevie Howell
Perfection by Patrick Warner
Escape Velocity by Carmelita McGrath
The Scare in the Crow by Tammy Armstrong
The Conception of Winter by Claire Harris
The Glassblowers by George Sipos
Homer in Flight by Rabindranath Maharaj
Flying Blind by Gary Geddes
Badass on a Softail by T. F. Rigelhof
Skaldance by Gary Geddes
From a High Thin Wire by Joan Clark
The Wanton Troopers by Alden Nowlan
Therefore Choose by Keith Oatley
The Watchmaker's Table by Brian Bartlett
The Darren Effect by Libby Creelman
We Are Not in Pakistan by Shauna Singh Baldwin
Random Illuminations by Eleanor Wachtel
Take Us Quietly by Tammy Armstrong
On the Eighth Day by Antonine Maillet and Wayne Grady
Skaldance by Gary Geddes
From a High Thin Wire by Joan Clark
The Violin Lover by Emily Doucet
Tacoma Narrows by Mitchell Parry
The Nettle Spinner by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
Karenin Sings the Blues by Sharon McCartney
The Drunken Lovely Bird by Sue Sinclair
Elle by Douglas H. Glover
Fadimatu by Jennifer Mitton
Waiting for Li Ming by Alan Cumyn
Badass on a Softail by Dean Irvine and T. F. Rigelhof
Je t'aime Cowboy by T. F. Rigelhof
Echoes in Silence by W. J. Keith
World Enough by Lesley Choyce
Strange Heaven by Lynn Coady
What if red ran out by Katia Grubisic
The Sweet Fuels by Erin Knight
The Lone Angler by Herb Curtis
Cerberus by Rai Berzins
16 Categories of Desire by Douglas H. Glover
Flying Blind by Gary Geddes
Season of Apples by Ann Copeland
The Silent Partner by Herb Curtis
Dipped in Shadow by Claire Harris
The Time of Her Life by David Helwig
Sisters of Grass by Theresa Kishkan
Reading by Lightning by Joan Thomas
The Famished Lover by Alan Cumyn
Dance the Rocks Ashore by Lesley Choyce
One Indian Summer by Wayne Curtis
English Lessons and Other Stories by Shauna Singh Baldwin
Homer in Flight by Rabindranath Maharaj
Looks Perfect by Kim Moritsugu
Dressing for Hope by Lorna Jackson
Adèle Hugo: La Misérable by Leslie Smith Dow
Grammar of Dissent by Carol Morrell
Echoes in Silence by W. J. Keith
Whatever It is Plants Dream by Richard Stevenson
A View from the Roof by Helen Weinzweig
Whispers from the Past by Elizabeth W. Mcgahan
Fit to Print by B. J. Grant
Planet Harbour by Brian Bartlett and Darrell Laird
The Wanton Troopers by Alden Nowlan
Reckonings by M. Travis Lane
Broken Ghosts by Roger Moore
Heartwood by Gerald Hill
The Alchemy of Clouds by Mark Frutkin
Recycling by Pat Jasper
Leaping Up Sliding Away by Kent Thompson
The End of Ice by Lesley Choyce
Champ by Kay Burkman
Poems New and Selected by Fred Candelaria
Translation Into Fiction by Claire Harris
Feeling the Worlds by Dorothy Livesay
The Panic Field by Douglas Lochhead
Paradise Siding by Allan Donaldson
A Hinge of Spring by Patience Wheatley
Everything Happens at Once by Yvonne Trainer
How to make love to a Negro by Dany Laferrière and David Homel
Mnemonic: A Book of Trees by Theresa Kishkan
I & I by George Elliott Clarke
YOU comma Idiot by Doug Harris
The Terracotta Army by Gary Geddes
Swimming Ginger by Gary Geddes
Kalila by Rosemary Nixon
The Rest Is Silence by Scott Fotheringham