Harbour Publishing

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

False Creek by Jane Munro
Answer to Blue by Russell Thornton
Smithereens by Terence Young
The Pit by Tara Borin
Orrery by Donna Kane
This Was the River by John Pass
The Broken Face by Russell Thornton
Summer of the Horse by Donna Kane
Trailer Park Elegy by Cornelia Hoogland
Bearskin Diary by Carol Daniels
Family Resemblances by Anne Cameron
Witness, I am by Gregory Scofield
Digsite by Owain Nicholson
How to Be Eaten by a Lion by Michael Johnson
The Red Files by Lisa Bird-Wilson
Marry & Burn by Rachel Rose
perpetual by Rita Wong and Cindy Mochizuki
Thunderbird Poems by Armand Garnet Ruffo
Albrecht Dürer and Me by David Zieroth
Washita: Poems by Patrick Lane
Bonsai Love by Diane L. Tucker
Dirty Snow by Tom Wayman
For Openers by Alan Twigg
O Time in Your Flight by Hubert Evans
Fishing with Gubby by Kim LaFave and Gary Kent
To Paris Never Again: New Poems by Al (Alfred W) Purdy
The Chimney Stone by Rob Winger
Downriver Drift by Tim Bowling
The Fly in Autumn by David Zieroth
Last Water Song by Patrick Lane
Earth's Crude Gravities by Patrick Friesen
One Muddy Hand by Earle Birney and Sam Solecki
Go Leaving Strange by Patrick Lane
Raincoast Chronicles 20 by Catherine Carstairs and Stephen Hume
Starbuck Valley Winter by Roderick Haig-Brown
Hardscratch Row by Anne Cameron
Sarah's Children by Anne Cameron
My Father's Cup by Tom Wayman
A Whole Brass Band by Anne Cameron
Downriver Drift by Christian Bök
The Annie Poems by Anne Cameron
Raven Returns the Water by Anne Cameron
Orca's Song by Anne Cameron
Home Fires by Jean Rysstad
How A People Die by Alan Fry
Selected Poems: 1977-1997 by Paul Milton and Patrick Lane
Red Nest by Gillian Jerome
Sneaking through the Evening by Maureen McCarthy
Beyond Remembering: The Collected Poems of Al Purdy by Al (Alfred W) Purdy and Sam Solecki
Too Spare, Too Fierce by Patrick Lane
Breathing Fire: Canada's New Poets by Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane
Tales from Hidden Basin by Dick Hammond
Kick the Can by Anne Cameron
Simon Fraser by Stephen Hume
Unmarked Doorways by Peter Trower
Fishing with John by Edith Iglauer
These People by Ron Miles
Raincoast Chronicles Six/Ten by W. H. New and Howard White
Talking Dirty by Sherman Snukal
Passing into Storm by Patrick Lane
Earth Witch by Anne Cameron
The Whisky Vigil by Erín Mouré
Riding to Nicola Country by Andrew Wreggitt
Albino Pheasants by Patrick Lane
Deep Line by Kevin Roberts
The Alders and Others by Peter Trower
Bright's Crossing by Anne Cameron