Harper Flamingo

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Lost Girls by Andrew Pyper
Gloria by Keith Maillard
The Romantic by Barbara Gowdy
The Swinging Bridge by Ramabai Espinet
The Romantic by Barbara Gowdy
A Good House by Bonnie Burnard
Thunder Through My Veins by Warren Cariou and Gregory Scofield
The Rules of Engagement by Catherine Bush
Clara Callan by Richard Wright
Real Life by Sharon Butala
Dorothy L'Amour by Lynn Crosbie
Robbiestime by Don Dickinson
Afterimage by Helen Humphreys
Desirable Daughters by Bharati Mukherjee
Spadework by Timothy Findley
The Trade Mission by Andrew Pyper
Your Mouth is Lovely by Nancy Richler
Labyrinth of Desire by Rosemary Sullivan
Burning Ground by Pearl Luke