Hounslow Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Balkan Range by Nikola Roussanoff and John Robert Colombo
Roman Candles by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Roman Candles by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Ghost Stories of Canada by Val Clery, Terry Goldie and Eric Trethewey
Upon Her Fluent Route by Janis Rapoport
Telling the Bees and Other Stories by Roger Burford Mason
Learn This Poem of Mine by Heart by George Faludy and John Robert Colombo
Beyond Labels by Robert Zend
Far From You by Pavel Javor
Evenings on Lake Ontario by Waclaw Iwaniuk
Into a Blue Morning by C. H. Gervais
Holes In Space by R. A. D. Ford
The Fiddlehead Republic by Nicholas Catanoy
François Bigot by John Coulter
The Left-Handed One by Lyubomir Levchev
Mostly Monsters by John Robert Colombo