Key Porter Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Where White Horses Gallop by Beatrice MacNeil
Pulse by Lydia Kwa
High Latitudes by Farley Mowat
Max & the Cats by Moacyr Scliar
An Inexplicable Story by Káca Polácková Henley and Josef Skvorecky
ex-Cottagers in Love by J. M. Kearns
Looking for Anne by Irene Gammel
The Valley by Gayle Friesen
The Royal Woods by Matt Duggan
Orphan Love by Nadia Bozak
The Long Run by Leo Furey
As If by Accident by Julie Johnston
The Parachute by Sinclair Dumontais and Patricia Claxon
Butterflies Dance in the Dark by Beatrice MacNeil
Canada and the Two World Wars by J. L. Granatstein and Desmond Morton
Indian School Days by Basil Johnston
Kurelek Country: The Art of William Kurelek by Avrom Issacs and Ramsay Cook
Critical Injuries by Joan Barfoot
Shoot! by George Bowering
Two More Solitudes by Sheldon Currie
A History of Forgetting by Caroline Adderson
Semi Detached by Cynthia Holz
By A Frozen River by Norman Levine
Angel Falls by Tim Wynveen
Sulha by Malka Marom
The Follow by Linda Spalding
Crazy Dave by Basil H. Johnston
Balloon by Tim Wynveen
Down the Coaltown Road by Sheldon Currie
Dry Bone Memories by Cecil Foster
The Ability to Forget by Norman Levine
The Truth About Love by Patrick Roscoe
Walking on the Land by Farley Mowat
The Canadian Children's Treasury by Frances Hanna and Sandra Martin
Ordinary Lives by Josef Skvorecky
No Place Strange by Diana Fitzgerald Bryden
The Patriot Game by Peter Brimelow