Lester & Orpen Dennys

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Bass Saxophone by Josef Skvorecky
The Dictionary of Imaginary Places by Alberto Manguel and Gianni Guadalupi
Benito by François Gravel
The Miracle Game by Josef Skvorecky and Paul Wilson
Lies of Silence by Brian Moore
St. Farb's Day by Morley Torgov
Letters to Bernadette by Gabrielle Roy
On Double Tracks by Leslie Hall Pinder
Fastyngange by Tim Wynne-Jones
Tranter's Tree by H. R. Percy
Daughters of Captain Cook by Linda Spalding
A Hot-Eyed Moderate by Jane Rule
The Ice Eaters by Bruce Allen Powe
Brazilian Journal by P. K. Page
Deaf to the City by Marie-Claire Blais and Carol Dunlop
Dvorak in Love by Josef Skvorecky
The Devil is Loose! by Antonine Maillet and Philip Stratford
Horizons: Contemporary Canadian Landscapes by Marci Lipman and Louise Lipman
The Walls of India by Toni Onley and George Woodcock
Anna's World by Marie-Claire Blais and Sheila Fischman
Painted Ladies by H. R. Percy
The Engineer of Human Souls by Josef Skvorecky
Marginal Notes by Rick Salutin
Tolerable Levels of Violence by Robert G. Collins
Maddened by Mystery by Michael Richardson
The Root Cellar by Janet Lunn
The Black Queen Stories by Barry Callaghan
The Swell Season by Josef Skvorecky
The Man Who Sold Prayers by Margaret Creal
Obasan by Joy Kogawa
Journey Into Our Heritage by W. H. New and Harry Gutkin
The Abramsky Variations by Morley Torgov
The Fives Lives of Ben Hecht by Doug Fetherling
Blueprint by Phillipe Van Rjndt and Eric Thompson
Emotional Arithmetic by Matt Cohen
The Missing Child by Sandra Birdsell