Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

A Time for Treason by Philip Deane
The Best of Friends by Joy Fielding
The White Dawn by James Houston
In a Sacred Manner we Live by Edward S. Curtis
The Latchkey Kid by June Bhatia
Hail Galarneau! by Jacques Godbout and Alan Brown
An Exile from Canada by Fred Landon
To Everthing there is a Season by Roloff Beny and Milton Wilson
The Rightful King by J. S. Erskine
John Addington Symonds by Phyllis Grosskurth
The Totem Pole Indians by Joseph H. Wherry
The Uprooted by Lubor Zink
The Pearson Phenomenon by John R. Real
Indian Excursion by Isabel Wilson
Island of the Lost by Paul Fenimore Cooper