Longspoon Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

This won't last forever by Colin Morton
Touch to My Tongue by Daphne Marlatt
Open Is Broken by Betsy Warland
Banff/Breaking by Charles Noble
Arché/Elegies by E.D. Blodgett
No Memory of a Move by Anne Campbell
Country of the Open Heart by David McFadden
Smoking Mirror by George Bowering
Awe by John Nold
Writing Right by Douglas Barbour and Marni L. Stanley
Excuses for Archery by Glen Deer
Gallimaufry by Jon Whyte
Lying in Bed by Mary Howes
Extreme Positions by bp Nichol
Voice Storm by Raymond Gariepy
Where Have You Been by Miriam Mandel
The Inanna Poems by Karen Lawrence
Echo and Montana by J. O. Thompson