Macmillan of Canada

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Scotch by John Kenneth Galbraith
The Making of George Orwell by Keith Alldritt
Prisoner in Louisbourg by Zillah MacDonald and Colin MacDonald
Birth of a Shark by David Wevill
Final Decree by George Jonas
Anniversaries by Don Coles
The Last Season by Roy Macgregor
The Game by Ken Dryden
Morley Callghan's Stories by Susan L. Helwig
Olga by John Cornish
Speaking of Canada by Vincent Massey
Nobody's Son by Sean Stewart
Margaret Atwood by Coral Ann Howells
The Language of the Teenage Revolution by Kenneth Hudson and Terry Goldie
Voice of the Pioneer. Vol. 2 by Bill McNeil and Terry Goldie
Who Killed Janet Smith? by Edward Starkins and Terry Goldie
A Serious Widow by Constance Beresford Howe
Family News by Joan Barfoot
Nest Egg by S. L. Sparling
Changelings by Tom Marshall
The Man of My Dreams by Diane Schoemperlen
Tall Lives by Bill Gaston
Voices on the Brink by Mark Madoff and Tom Marshall
A Casual Brutality by Amin Malak and Neil Bissoondath
The Lyre of Orpheus by Robertson Davies
Prospero's Daughter by Constance Beresford-Howe
The Bishop by David Helwig
A Book Dragon by Donn Kushner
Champlain by Joe C. W. Armstrong
Memory Board by Jane Rule
Unknown Soldier by George Payerle
Margaret Atwood by Barbara Hill Rigney
Stratford: The First Thirty Years by John Pettigrew and Jamie Portman
Kurelek: A Biography by Patricia Morley
Adult Entertainment by John Metcalf
Popular Fiction and Social Change by Christopher Pawling
Bagdad by Ian Dennis
Night Studies by Constance Beresford-Howe
Duet for Three by Joan Barfoot
Our Lady of the Snows by Morley Callaghan
What's Bred in the Bone by Robertson Davies
Back the Attack! by Jean Bruce
The Canadian Guide to Britain, vol. I by W. H. New, Jeffrey Simpson and Ged Martin
Not Working by George Szanto
Tourists by Richard B. Wright
A Boy Called Nam by Leo Heaps
Poetry and Politics by Richard Jones
Diggin Up the Mountains by Neil Bissoondath
The Twelfth Transforming by Pauline Gedge
Since Daisy Creek by W. O. Mitchell
The Golden Age Hotel by David Lewis Stein
My Present Age by Guy Vanderhaeghe
The Anthology Anthology by Robert Weaver
Jelly Belly by Juan Wijngaard and Dennis Lee
Urban Scrawl by W. H. New and Erika Ritter
A Time For Judas by Morley Callaghan
Man Descending by Guy Vanderhaeghe
The Teacher's Daughter by Richard B. Wright
Stanley Knowles by Susan Mann Trofimenkoff
Dramatic W. O. Mitchell by W. O. Mitchell
Dancing in the Dark by Joan Barfoot
The Moons of Jupiter by Alice Munro
The Rebel Angels by Robertson Davies
The Ghosts Call You Poor by Andrew Suknaski
High Water Chants by Trevor Ferguson
A Population of One by Constance Beresford-Howe
Sandbars by Oonah McFee
Canadian Cultural Nationalism by W. H. New and Janice L. Murray
The Scarlet Mantle by W. G. Hardy
Trudeau by George Radwanski
Spit Delaney's Island by Jack Hodgins
Close to the Sun Again by Morley Callaghan
Child of the Morning by Pauline Gedge
Adrift by Randal Harker
The Mind Gods by Marie Jakober
André Tom Macgregor by Betty Wilson
Farthing's Fortunes by Richard B. Wright
The Seventh Hexagram by Ian McLachlan
Song of the Pearl by Ruth Nichols
The Far Side of the Street by Bruce Hutchison
Question Time by Robertson Davies
World of Wonders by Robertson Davies
A Fine and Private Place by Morley Callaghan
Rivers of Canada by Hugh MacLennan
100 Poems of Nineteenth Century Canada by Raymond Souster and Douglas Lochhead
Wood Mountain Poems by Andrew Suknaski
Alligator Pie by Dennis Lee
Nicholas Knock by Dennis Lee
Practical Handbook of Canadian French by S. Robinson and D. Smith
Entrance of the Celebrant by Susan Musgrave
Wandering Rafferty by Ken Mitchell
The Book of Eve by Constance Beresford-Howe
The Vanishing Point by W. O. Mitchell
I Chose Canada by Joey Smallwood
An Innocent Bystander by H. R. Percy
The Manticore by Robertson Davies
King of Egypt, King of Dreams by Gwendolyn MacEwen
The Winter of the Fisher by Cameron Langford
Our Man in Utopia by Doug Fetherling
Arkwright by Leo Simpson
Night of the White Bear by Alexander Knox
The Armies of the Moon by Gwendolyn MacEwen
The Last Season by Roy Macgregor
The Game by Phyllis Grosskurth and Ken Dryden
Crying as She Ran by Charlotte Fielden
Fifth Business by Robertson Davies
William Wordsworth by Geoffrey Durrant
The Weekend Man by Richard Wright
"Blair Fraser Reports" by John Fraser and Graham Fraser
The Studhorse Man by Robert Kroetsch
The Rules of Chaos by Stephen Vizinczey
The Studhorse Man by Robert Kroetsch
Dafoe of the Free Press by Murray Donnelly
The Yellow Briar by Patrick Slater
Canada's First Century by Donald Creighton
The Elizabethan Theatre by David Galloway
Long Drums and Cannons by Margaret Laurence
The Journals of Mary O'Brien, 1828-38 by Audery Saunders Miller and Donald Stephens
Westward to Vinland by Helge Ingstad
Saint Louis by Margaret Wade Labarge
Pilgarlic the Death by Bernard Epps
Canadian Winter's Tales by Norman Levine
My First Seventy-Five Years by Arthur R. M. Lower
Reading the Time by Kildare Dobbs
Alberta by Robert Kroetsch
Minutes of the Sixties by James Eayrs
The Traitor Game by Dougal McLeish
No Englishman Need Apply by Denis Godfrey
Exsultate by Richard Outram
Land Under the Pole Star by Helge Ingstad
The House by Michael Collie
Hurricane Treasure by Clare Bice