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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

One Crack Out by David French
The Lace Ghetto by Maxine Nunes and Deanna White
Lark des Neiges by Ronald Sutherland
Gone Indian by Robert Kroetsch
A Russian Novel by C. J. Newman
Goodbye to Elsa by Saros Cowasjee
Our Nature—Our Voices by Clara Thomas
A Man of Talent by James Bacque
Poems by James Reaney
Dobryd by Ann Charney
Bethune by Roderick Stewart
The Clam Made a Face by Eric Nicol
Hunting Stuart and other plays by Robertson Davies
The White Geese by Marcel Dube
The Hanged Man by Robert Gurik
Formentera by Roy MacSkimming
Creation by Pierre Gravel, James Bacque and Robert Kroetsch
Devil in Deerskins by Anahareo
The Gourmet's Canada by Sondra Gotlieb
The New Ancestors by Dave Godfrey
The Ecstacy of Rita Joe & Other Plays by Brian Parker and George Ryga
Face in the Dark by Henry Beissel
Rumours of War by Ron Haggart and Aubrey Golden