New Star Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Writing and Reading: Essays by George Bowering
Collapsible by Tim Conley
About Some End / West Broadway by George Bowering and George Stanley
The Receiver by Sharon Thesen
Loitersack by Donato Mancini
After Desire by George Stanley
The Land of Cain by Philip Resnick
City of Love and Revolution by Lawrence Aronsen
Mannequin Rising by Roy Miki
Buffet World by Donato Mancini
Robin Blaser by Stan Persky and Brian Fawcett
In the Millennium by Barry McKinnon
The Bone House by Luanne Armstrong
Mine by Stephen Collis
Daaku by Ranj Dhaliwal
There by Roy Miki
The Short Version by Stan Persky
Killing Time by Hank Schachte
Hammertown by Peter Culley
Mine by Robert Stanton
A People in Arms by Marie Jakober
Tom Thomson's Shack by Harold Rhenisch
Vancouver: A Poem by George F. G. Stanley
The Burial Ground by Pauline Holdstock
The Weather by Lisa Robertson
Writing Class by Andrew Klobucar and Michael Barnholden
Chiwid by Sage Birchwater
How to Paint by Chris Harris
Half Known Lives by Joan Givner
Calendar Boy by Andy Quan
Hastings and Main: Stories from an Inner City Neighbourhood by Jo-Ann Canning-Dew and James K. Stewart
Small Rain by John Harris
Sandinista by Marie Jakober
The Canadian Experience by W. H. New and Ronald Wardhaugh
Platonic Love by Scott Watson
Depression Stories by Sydney Hutcheson
The Land of Cain by Philip Resnick
IKMQ by Roger Farr
Indigena Awry by Annharte [Marie Baker]