NeWest Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Hunger Moon: Stories by Traci Skuce
Lullabies in the Real World by Meredith Quartermain
In Veritas by C. J. Lavigne
Goth Girls of Banff by John O'Neill
Echolocation by Karen Hofmann
The Melting Queen by Bruce Cinnamon
To Me You Seem Giant by Greg Rhyno
The Bosun Chair by Jennifer Bowering Delisle
Mountain Blues by Sean Arthur Joyce
Three Times Five (3 x 5) — Short Stories by Fred Stenson, Beverly Harris and Gloria Sawai
Tar Swan by David Martin
Where It Hurts by Sarah de Leeuw
Paper Teeth by Lauralyn Chow
59 Glass Bridges: A Novel by Steven Peters
A Revision of Forward by Wendy McGrath
Friendly Fire by Lisa Guenther
Memory Serves: Oratories by Lee Maracle and Smaro Kamboureli
Entropic by R. W. Gray
Rupert’s Land by Meredith Quartermain
Talon by Paulette Dubé
restless white fields by Barbara Langhorst
Showing West: Three Prairie Docu-Dramas by Diane Bessai and Don Kerr
Crisp by R. W. Gray
Figures Cut in Sacred Ground by Angela Bowering
Gangson by Andy Weaver
White Lies for Mother by Liza Potvin
Due West: 30 Great Stories from Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba by Wayne Tefs, Geoffrey Ursell and Aritha van Herk
Fishing for Bacon by Michael Davie
My Beloved Wager: Essays from a Writing Practice by Smaro Kamboureli and Erín Mouré
Jumping Off by Laura J. Cutler
The Collected Works of Pat Lowther by Christine Wiesenthal
Canadian Literature at the Crossroads of Language and Culture by Barbara Thomson Godard and Smaro Kamboureli
Listening to the Trees by A. K. Hellum
Paper Trail by Arleen Paré
The Cardinal Divide by Stephen Legault
Nightmarker by Meredith Quartermain
The Bindery by Shane Rhodes
Salal by Laurence (Laurie) Ricou
The Bone Cage by Angie Abdou and Alan Filewood
At the Zenith of the Empire by Stewart Lemoine
The Far Away Home by Marci Denesiuk
Aldershot 1945: The Novel by Bruce Allen Powe
were the bees by Andy Weaver
Blue Feast by Shawna Lemay
This Way the Road by Nina Berkhout
All of Baba's Children by Myrna Kostash
Earth Alive: Essays on Ecology by Stan Rowe and Don Kerr
Touch by Gayleen Froese
Diamond Grill by Fred Wah
Encounters by Michael Trussler
Jumping Off by Adrienne Kertzer and Laura J. Cutler
Breathing Water by Laurence (Laurie) Ricou
Poor Superman by Brad Fraser
Readings from the Labyrinth by Daphne Marlatt
Mothertalk: Life Stories of Mary Kiyoshi Kiyooka by Roy Kiyooka and Daphne Marlatt
The Widows by Suzette Mayr
The Man Who Beat the Man by F. B. André
Landscapes of the Heart: Narratives of Nature and Self by Michael Aleksiuk and Thomas Nelson
Chorus of Mushrooms by Hiromi Goto
The Doomed Bridegroom by Myrna Kostash
Martin Yesterday by Brad Fraser
Diamond Grill by Fred Wah
The Blood Girls by Méira Cook
Holding Pattern by Shane Rhodes
moving to the clear by Jason Dewinetz
Apocrypha by Stan Dragland
Crybaby! by Janice Williamson
Beyond Tish by Douglas Barbour
Imaginary Hand by George Bowering and Smaro Kamboureli
Wonderfull by William Neil Scott
A New-Found Ecstasy by Ed Kleiman
A Mazing Space: Writing Canadian Women Writing by Smaro Kamboureli and Shirley Neuman
NeWest Plays By Women by Diane Bessai and Don Kerr
The Woman Upstairs by Mary Walters Riskin
Housebroken by Leona M. Gom
Gaining Ground: European Critics on Canadian Literature by Reingard M. Nischik and Robert Kroetsch
The Last Echo by Byrna Barclay
Eight Plays for Young People by Joyce Doolittle
A Nest of Singing Birds by Susan Charlotte Haley
West of Fiction by Leah Flater, Aritha van Herk and Rudy Wiebe
The Cutting Season by Margaret Clarke
Beast Gate by E.D. Blodgett
The Lion's Mouth by Caterina Edwards
From a High Thin Wire by Joan Clark
The Upper Hand by Christopher Wiseman
Summer of the Hungry Pup by Byrna Barclay
A Voice in the Land by W. J. Keith
Crow's Black Joy by Lorna Uher
Far as the Eye Can See by Rudy Wiebe and Theatre Passe Muraille
Getting Here by Rudy Wiebe
Last One Home by Fred Stenson
Gangson by Andy Weaver
Crisp by R. W. Gray
House of Spells by Robert Pepper-Smith
restless white fields by Barbara Langhorst
Extensions by Myrna Dey