Nightwood Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Pebble Swing by Isabella Wang
None of This Belongs to Me by Ellie Sawatzky
Ghosthawk by Matt Rader
Undoing Hours by Selina Boan
Saltus by Tara Gereaux
Body Count by Kyla Jamieson
Creeland by Dallas Hunt
The Whole Singing Ocean by Jessica Moore
Renaissance Normcore by Adèle Barclay
Fresh Pack of Smokes by Cassandra Blanchard
Outside, America by Sarah de Leeuw
After the Hatching Oven by David Alexander
Little Wild by Curtis LeBlanc
The Panic Room by Rebecca Păpucaru
Cruise Missile Liberals by Spencer Gordon
Landfall by Joe Denham
then/again by Michelle Elrick
Bad Ideas by Michael V. Smith
Regeneration Machine by Joe Denham
Transmitter and Receiver by Raoul Fernandes
Floating is Everything by Sheryda Warrener
Hastings Sunrise by Bren Simmers
Mayor Snow by Nick Thran
Poems & Anti-Poems by Shane Rhodes
undercurrent by Rita Wong
Selected Poems by Tim Bowling
Pluck by Laisha Rosnau
Canoodlers by andrea bennett
Old Hat by Rob Winger
Undark: An Oratorio by Sandy Pool
Allegheny, BC by Rodney DeCroo
Err by Shane Rhodes
Never More There by Stephen Rowe
Embouchure by Kevin McNeilly
Lousy Explorers by Laisha Rosnau
lousy explorers by Laisha Rosnau
Repose by Adam Getty
Six Ways to Sunday by Christian McPherson
Forage by Rita Wong
Muybridge's Horse by Rob Winger
Bonfires by Chris Banks
The Clichéist by Amanda Lamarche
Hitch by Matthew Holmes
Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets by Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane
Anthropy by Ray Hsu
The Witness Ghost by Tim Bowling
Reconciliation Poems by Adam Getty
The Rush to Here by George Murray
Drying the Bones by Madeline Sonik
The Good Life by Brad Cran
Short Haul Engine by Karen Solie
Little Hunger by Phillip Kevin Paul
Kipocihkâƒn by Gregory Scofield
The Canadian Girl by Shannon Stewart
The Book Collector by Tim Bowling
A Day Does Not Go By by Sean Johnston
Witches and Idiots by Ken Mitchell
Air Canada Owls by Glen Sorestad
God of Missed Connections by Elizabeth Bachinsky
Permugenesis by Christopher Dewdney
North of Intention by Steve McCaffery
Silk Trail by Andrew Suknaski
Embouchure by Kevin McNeilly
Louis: The Heretic Poems by Gregory Scofield
Err by Shane Rhodes
Tenderman by Tim Bowling